New hardwood floors in manufactured homeRemoved old rug and baseboards, layed paper over plywood floor and installed the hardwood floor.

Tiled Lanai   Cleaned and leveled floor in preparation for custom tile design.

ReconditioningOak Door:  Removed, patched, sanded, painted, weatherproofed.  
Shower Seat:  Sanded wood, applied oil stain and waterproofing,  refurbished hardware and reassembled.  


A complete condo kitchen renovation

Replaced cabinets, sink, appliances, countertops and floor. Doubled storage (and updated decor from circa 1975!)

Installed fresh stairtreads and railing

Removed old carpet to plywood. Installed new oak treads, kickboards, poles, balusters, railing.  Stained, painted balusters.

Entire Bathroom renovation Repaired tub leak, replaced sheetrock and damaged tiles. Refinished tub and tiles. New floor, toilet, vanity and lighting.

Custom Shower

Replaced old tiles, sheetrock and fiberglass insulation.  Created bench from pressure treated wood.  Hung new handyboard on walls, ceiling, bench and waterproofed. Leveled tub pan and hung tiles and grouted.  Installed new marble shelves and fixtures. A glass company installed new shower doors.    

New townhouse balcony floorInstalled new Trex boards on a wrought iron deck.

New Hardwood floorRemoved old carpet, installed new plywood for hardwood floor.

New Walls with mold preventionInstalled a foil installation, replaced with a mold resistant sheetrock, applied a mold resistant primer and paint. 

Custom entertainment center/bookcase

Custom bookcase with a built-in TV mount.

New front porchRepaired the front porch, supports, lattice and railing for improved safety and curb appeal.

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